Cambio applauds the power of all the menstruators. You can do everything, even when bleeding. We have created a community of powerful women that are rising to take over the world.


Cambio wants to empower every menstruator with a sense of pride. To not see period as a disgrace but embrace it. We wish to create a world where period is no more a taboo.


Period for us is not a full stop. It defines the existence of the world. Enlightening people about this beautiful process, we want to end the shame one period at a time.

Natural products for a natural process.

Tampons- 100% Organic

Tampons made with you in mind! 100% organic cotton means maximum comfort and absorption, with no harmful elements. We aim to give you a happy period, every time.

  • Made with 100% organic cotton only
  • FDA approved, dermatologically tested & no chemical additives
  • Easy insertion, soft and maximum absorption to keep you dry
  • Paper disposal bag for an easy and biodegradable disposal
  • Each box contains 16 tampons. Combo box contains 8 regular + 8 super-sized tampons


Being a woman, you have to be a kiss of sunshine and also the fiercest of storms. Cambio celebrates every woman with different personas. Women need no guide for being themselves.

Start Your Journey of Self-care.

Periods have been a taboo since, well, forever. We have let it hinder our way of period care, but no more. Cambio brings to you products that love you, making you love yourself.

Kind products for a Kinder You.

Keeping your comfort at the core, we have crafted natural and safe products that are easy on your body. Our products are 100% organic, chemical-free, rash-free and biodegradable.

Walk together. Woke together.

Despite all our differences, one thing that unites us is, we have all bled. Our community is a safe space to share your stories and experiences. Let’s shatter the norms to rise and be wise together.

Made with love for you.

Our products are made with every ounce of our love and passion for returning the love you give. We are your friend, helping you to walk through this journey of self-love

Read. Educate. Empower.

Our blogs are an authentic channel about wellness and self-love.

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